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Celebrating Women in Horror Month (Part 1)

Hi everyone,

People usually associate February with Valentine’s Day and romance… but did you know February is “Women in Horror” month? To celebrate, I’m blogging about my two ghost stories, Dead ‘Til Dawn and Kropsy’s Curse and two short reads, Silent Sentinel and More Than I Bargained For.

First, let’s spend a night in the land of the dead with…

Dead ‘Til Dawn

Disturbing the dead doesn’t prove you’re brave – it proves you’re stupid.

After touring Gettysburg battlefield, Jessica, Tim, and Steve decide to sneak out to the Devil’s Den for some late-night fun. Jessica’s friend Kathy objects, and warns them about trespassing where they’re not wanted. Undaunted by ghost stories and fueled by his own arrogance, Tim races toward the Devil’s Den. When the group drives through mysterious battlefield fog, they find themselves surrounded by Civil War soldiers looking for a little fun of their own.

Kathy leaves the others to fend for themselves and flees to Little Round Top. Although she’s rescued by a kindhearted Union solider named Charlie, she refuses to believe what she’s experiencing is real. As the nighttime battle rages on, Charlie introduces Kathy to other weary soldiers, and she quickly realizes she’s trapped in the land of the dead until dawn.

Order Dead ‘Til Dawn here:

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So how did this story come about? Well, I love writing psychological/creepy/spooky horror stories. And I also love traveling to historic places—especially if they’re haunted. This novella was inspired by actual events that happened to me in Gettysburg, PA. I had a very unusual experience with battlefield fog and I wanted to use it in a story.

Although I don’t consider myself a “paranormal investigator” I love exploring haunted places and taking ghost tours. Historic houses and “anything old and creepy” appeal to my imagination. Is it any surprise that I love Halloween?

And because Halloween is my favorite holiday, I wrote this Halloween-themed horror story…

Kropsy’s Curse

Late one Halloween night, two young boys venture into a secluded graveyard in the hopes of conjuring up a spirit. Although Kyle is skeptical and would rather be home eating candy and watching horror movies, he reluctantly goes along with Jerry’s plan. He doesn’t believe Ouija boards work—until this one starts spelling out a message…

Kropsy’s Curse is only $.99! Get spooked here:

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This piece of flash fiction came to me when I was mulling over horror ideas. I actually came up with the (strange) ending first, then built the rest of the story around it. I can’t give away any more without spoiling the story, so you’ll have to read it for yourself.

If you’re looking for a quick read that’s more mystery than horror (but still has paranormal elements) check out Silent Sentinel. This 4,100 word mini-thriller blends a crime story with the unusual. I like the idea of buying strange things at flea markets and of course there's the twist ending...

Silent Sentinel

One afternoon, Valerie visits a flea market and meets a peculiar man who tries to sell her an ancient statue of Anubis—the Egyptian god of the dead. Despite her protests, the man insists that she must have the statue. Valerie gives in and brings her new “guardian” home.

Later that night, Valerie awakens to discover an intruder has broken into her house. She’s forced to fight for her life and relies on Anubis to save her.

When the police investigate, they make a shocking discovery about her attacker and his motive. Only then does Valerie realize how lucky she was— the statue was the last thing she wanted, but exactly what she needed.

Order Silent Sentinel here:

All other platforms: 

More Than I Bargained For is a lighthearted mini-mystery that blends offbeat humor with the paranormal. If you love estate sales, you need to read this story...

More Than I Bargained For - A Paranormal Mini-Mystery

Katie doesn’t like going to estate sales. Why? Because she sees dead people.

When Katie reluctantly attends an estate sale with her friend Diane, she gets more than she bargained for. The deceased former owner of the house, Grace, realizes that Katie can communicate with her, and she has a lot to say.

As Katie pretends to shop, Grace tells her the story of how she was murdered—and reveals that her killer is still in the house.

It’s up to Katie to uncover the murder weapon and get it to the police… before time runs out.

Order More Than I Bargained For here:

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Women in Horror blog. Until then, you can visit the “Horror, Mystery & More” section of my site to read about my other spooky stories.

Happy Reading!

Kelli A. Wilkins



Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 20+ romance novels, and 6 horror ebooks. Her romances span many genres and settings, and she likes to scare readers with her horror stories.

In 2023, she released The Route 9 Killer, a mystery/thriller set in Central NJ.

Her paranormal/mystery romance, In Another World, was published in 2022.

Follow Kelli on her Facebook author page: and visit her website/blog for a full title list and social media links.


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