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A Secret Match

A Secret Match

This spicy contemporary gay romance is set in the world of professional wrestling. Ev and Josh learn lessons about honesty and self-acceptance.


A Secret Match

Everett Kinkade is a world-famous professional wrestler and the sexy heartthrob of millions of adoring female fans. But Ev has a secret he doesn’t dare share with anyone. He’s gay. 

After years of being Ev’s secret lover, Josh is tired of hiding in the shadows and wants Ev to openly acknowledge their relationship. Coming out is the last thing Ev wants and fears it will ruin his career. 

One night in a moment of truth, Everett outs himself on live TV. There’s no going back, and his announcement sparks a firestorm of problems—both personally and professionally. He’s forced to come to grips with who he really is while facing down a manipulative boss and a tag-team out to destroy him. 

Torn between living a lie and losing the man he loves, Ev has risked everything… can he find a balance between his career and his heart? 


Praise for A Secret Match...

Out in Jersey says: “A fast, entertaining, and accessible read. If you’re in the market for a fast-paced, steamy, satisfying book, look no further than Kelli A. Wilkins’ A Secret Match. Her novel is sure to be a crowd pleaser, drawing readers in with the ever-relatable theme of striving for self-acceptance and holding their attention with a spicy, passionate narrative. A Secret Match skillfully captures the struggle to be comfortable in your own skin, one with which we are all familiar. Well-crafted juxtapositions of rejection and belonging, love and anger honestly reflect an oscillation of emotions that resonates with any reader who has ever felt they don’t fit in simply because of who they are.” - Hannah, Out in NJ 

"Top Pick! 4.5 stars! I found this book well written with an interesting plot. The ending is set in a way that leaves you with hope for Josh and Everett; while the road might not be easy, they will tackle it together. The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating and charming. Overall, I loved this book.” -  V. Rainey, Night Owl Reviews

"5 stars! I love the tone of how the book starts. By the time I read the first fifty pages, I was just waiting for an explosion. I enjoyed the drama-filled present with the sweeter flashbacks of when Everett and Josh first met. There is so much angst as Everett is practically forced to choose between his career and remaining firmly in the closest, or losing his career, living out and proud with Josh.The emotionally charged storyline continues throughout the book. This isn’t your average athlete-coming-out story. In short, this is an excellent read. Highly recommended to any fan of the MM genre.” - mmgoodbookreviews

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