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In October 2020, Kelli's short story "The Uninvited" appeared in the Halloween Horror Vol. 2 anthology. This unsettling tale of a children's Halloween party gone horribly wrong is one of her favorites. You can order Halloween Horror Vol. 2 in ebook or paperback formats here:


A FREE READ: In August 2020, Kelli's flash fiction horror story, "Unpleasant Dreams" appeared in Fabled Journal. Read it here:

Look for Kelli's short horror story, "A Witch's Wishes" in the upcoming Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow anthology. And "What the Peeper Saw" in Madame Gray's Creep Show.


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In January 2020, Kelli published Love, Lies & Redemption, a western romance set in 1877 Nebraska. This novel blends a sensual love story with mystery and danger.


Kelli's science fiction anthology, Extraterrestrial Encounters, was published in 2019. In these 18 sci-fi stories, you’ll encounter aliens of all shapes and sizes, curious (and sometimes unlucky) space explorers, and ordinary Earthlings having otherworldly experiences.

Kelli has authored two online writing courses: Fiction Basics: Finding Ideas and Fiction Writing for Beginners. These courses are perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to write. Visit: for more details. Enroll today & start writing tomorrow!

Recent Guest Blogs...

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