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Welcome! If you’re looking for news about my latest releases, you’ve come to the right place.

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Latest Release News...


In May 2023, Kelli published The Route 9 Killer, a mystery/thriller set in Central New Jersey. (Read more about it on the book's page in the Horror, Mystery & More section:


Kelli's true story of her paranormal adventure in Gettysburg was included in the October 2022 Out of Time anthology from Timber Ghost Press. Order your copy here:

Her novel, In Another World, was released in 2022. This contemporary mystery/romance is set in the world of the paranormal. (Read more about it on the book's page in the Romance section.)


In 2021, Kelli published Silent Sentinel, a mini-thriller that blends crime with the unusual. She also released More Than I Bargained For in 2021. This 4,500- word mini-mystery combines offbeat humor with the paranormal. 

Her non-fiction story, "The Dog That Wouldn't Bark" appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Hilarious, Heroic, Human Dog anthology. Purchase of this book helps support American Humane, creating a better life for dogs everywhere. Order your copy here:


“A Witch’s Wishes” was included in the Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow Vol. 1 anthology. Nothing ever happens in Fox Hollow. There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary going on in this perfect little town… unless you believe the rumors of witches, malevolent spirits, and tentacled creatures… Order a paperback or ebook copy here:


Kelli's story "The Uninvited" appeared in Halloween Horror Vol. 2. This unsettling tale of a children's Halloween party gone horribly wrong is one of her favorites. Order Halloween Horror Vol. 2 in ebook or paperback formats here:


If you love horror, follow Kelli's Facebook Horror page:

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