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Journaling Every Week

Journaling Every Week: 52 Topics to Get You Writing

Whether you are experienced in journaling or completely new to the process, Journaling Every Week is designed to get you thinking about—and writing about—your life, relationships, patterns, goals, and some of your fondest memories. You’ll benefit from writing about these thought-provoking prompts and learn something about yourself along the way.

Journaling is a useful tool for self-discovery. In your journal, you can explore a wide range of subjects, themes, and ideas, revisit the past, and vent about anything (or anyone). In a way, you play counselor to yourself by digging deep into your innermost thoughts and emotions and writing about how you feel.

This fun and innovative book is filled with hundreds of journaling prompts that cover your childhood, friendships, beliefs and values, your career, coping with grief, fears, forgiveness, your purpose, and much more.

Sample prompts include:

* What are your favorite childhood memories? List at least ten, and then write about each one.

* What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you that now? If not, when did that idea change? Why? How is your current job different from the one you thought you wanted?

* Write for fifteen minutes about the changes in the last ten years of your life, and change in general. Do you embrace change? Resist it? Why? What feelings or emotions does the thought of change bring out in you?

Start journaling today, and begin your adventure of self-discovery!

Praise for... Journaling Every Week

“4 stars! Good Reading! If you need inspiration, look no further. I liked the fact that the topic of every tenth week was left up to the reader to choose for themselves. They gave me a few ideas to play around with, but I was free to come up with something else instead if I preferred. This was an excellent chance to expound on previous journal entries or talk about subjects that weren’t included in the official list. There is definitely something to be said for giving people space to personalize their journals like that.

I did appreciate how thorough the majority of the prompts were. For example, the ones that asked about the reader’s childhood were curious about happy memories as well as difficult ones. It was up to the reader to decide if they wanted to explore potentially traumatic moments in their earliest memories or if they wanted to stick to lighthearted topics. I thought that was a wonderful way to account for the wide variety of experiences many adults had during their childhood years.

Journaling Every Week – 52 Topics to Get You Writing was a thought-provoking resource to help get those creative juices flowing.” - Long and Short Reviews

"5 stars! Not a Journaler? You will be after reading this book I have to say, I am not a person who does journaling, but after reading the book I have changed my mind. A great helper to put you on the journey of journaling. Highly recommend." - Pat M. - Amazon Review


"4 stars! Journaling Every Week is a helpful guide for anyone who is interested in journaling. This book is helpful when I’m not sure what I want to delve into because it has many prompts. The author stresses making the journal your own and that there’s no one specific way to write in a journal. It did help me to learn a lot about myself, and the prompts were helpful." - Dawn H. - Amazon Review

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