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Celebrate Valentine's Day All Year with "Romance Every Weekend: 104 Fun Ways to Express Your Love"

Hi everyone,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for some fun romantic suggestions, why not try…

Romance Every Weekend: 104 Fun Ways to Express Your Love.

Whether you’re just starting out dating, in a committed relationship, newlyweds, or you’ve been married for twenty years, Romance Every Weekend will show you how you can strengthen the bond between you and your loved one and deepen your relationship.

Romance shouldn’t be reserved for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or an anniversary. Why should people wait for a special occasion to show someone they love that they care? Love can (and should) be expressed every chance you get.

Romance Every Weekend features 104 fun and easy ways you can express your love to that special someone in your life. Perfect for men or women, it focuses on tender, everyday gestures that let your partner know how much you love him or her.

Some suggestions include:

* Today, tell your sweetheart: “I knew I loved you when…” Sharing your feelings and expressing your love verbally has a deeper meaning than giving a gift or sending a card.

* Break out of your comfort zone. It’s time to try something new with your mate. Sign up for a class being offered today, in person, in your local area. It can be anything: cooking, Pilates, yoga, swimming, dancing, painting… Take the first class you find and run with it. (Whatever happens, remember, you’re in it together.)

* Watch the sun set together. No talking. But you can certainly hold hands.

If you're looking for ways to keep your romance fresh, this is the book for you!

Romance Every Weekend makes a great gift for you – or for your sweetie! Why not order it now and try all 104 suggestions in 2020?

Get your copy here:

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This year, take a few minutes to tell the people close to you how much you love and appreciate them. A little acknowledgement and gratitude goes a long way. Take the time to cherish them while they're still here.

With Love,


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