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Meet the Character Day: Chatting with Prince Dalton from A Most Intriguing Temptation

This “Meet the Character Day” blog is part of a series examining my romance novels. In each “Behind the Scenes” blog, I talk about why I wrote the book, share my thoughts on the plot and/or characters, and reveal what I loved most (or least) about writing the book. The “Meet the Character Day” blogs are fun chats with the heroes and heroines from my romances. Warning: blogs may contain spoilers.

Hello romance lovers! Today we’re chatting with Prince Dalton, the hero from A Most Intriguing Temptation by Kelli A. Wilkins.

Q: Greetings, Prince Dalton. A Most Intriguing Temptation is the second book in Kelli’s Royal Desires series of historical/fantasy novels. Can you tell us about the trilogy?

A: Certainly. As readers may already know, A Most Intriguing Temptation is the second story in a trilogy that began with A Most Unusual Princess and concludes with A Most Unfortunate Prince. Although the books are related, each stands alone as an individual read.

A Most Unusual Princess introduced readers to Princess Elara and myself. The book brought us together through unusual circumstances. (Elara discussed our interesting first-meet in a previous blog.)

In A Most Intriguing Temptation, I’ve been called away to attend a business meeting with Emperor Salizar. Elara got jealous of the fact I’d be away and surrounded by Salizar’s sultry “kharim” women, so she decided to follow me and her brother, Prince Allan, to the palace. Needless to say, she got into a lot of trouble.

A Most Unfortunate Prince (the last book in the series) is all about Allan’s banishment from the kingdom and his journey as he finds true love. Elara and I are also in the story, and we play a central role in the ending.

Q: Tell us about yourself. What got you in the crosshairs for your author?

A: I was charged with guarding Elara while she received suitors. Of course, one thing led to another and we ended up falling in love. I’m a very patient and understanding person and it takes a lot to push me to the edge. However, in A Most Intriguing Temptation, Kelli (my author), tested me at every turn.

In this novel, Kelli explored the themes of fidelity and trust. I was sent to a palace full of women whose only function is to satisfy the male visitors’ every wanton need. When Elara learned where I was going, she followed me, and to my surprise, impersonated a “kharim” woman to test me and my loyalty to her. I admit, I was tempted, but when I learned of her deception, I turned the tables on her to teach her a lesson.

Q: What drew you to Elara?

A: Elara is headstrong and intelligent, and she has a sweet and vulnerable side she only shows to me. Of all the people in her life, I’m the one who understands her best and can “manage” her moods and unpredictability. I love her dearly, and yet, at times, she is vexing. As we spent time together, I realized she was putting on a brave front most of the time and I learned not to be swayed by her tantrums or tricks. Elara needs to be treated like an equal, both in and out of the bedroom.

Q: A little naughty fun, where was the wildest place you seduced your partner? Or where she seduced you?

A: A Most Intriguing Temptation is definitely naughtier than A Most Unusual Princess. We’re not shy about our lovemaking at home, or anywhere. Elara (disguised as Oonish) tried to seduce me everywhere—in the bathtub, in bed, in a hallway… In the book, we made very naughty use of a settee, and later we got frisky on a pile of satin cushions (and we were not alone!). After the story ended, we wanted to recreate the wanton atmosphere of the palace, so Elara and I set up a tent outside to engage in a few wild fantasies. She likes fooling around outside in the dark, and it’s something I look forward too, as well.

Q: Do you sometimes want to strangle your author because of the situations she puts you in?

A: Yes! Kelli put me through several physical and emotional trials in this book. She says it was “for the good of the story” but I would have been content not being tormented, teased, and driven mad with lust on every other page. Kelli thought it was fun and has admitted that creating those scenes was one of the highlights of writing the book.

Q: Tell us more. What was one of the most embarrassing things Kelli did to you in A Most Intriguing Temptation?

A: Throughout most of the book, I’m in a state of sexual frustration. Oonish is at my side every minute of every day, and she’s practically naked. She goes out of her way to tease me, arouse me, and test my loyalty to Elara. And since Oonish is Elara, she knows just what to do to get me hot and bothered. At one point in the story, I get very, very excited and want Oonish so bad… I have a naughty dream about her and… Well, let’s say, my body reacted in a physical way to an extremely erotic dream. It was highly embarrassing to be discovered like that, and I’m not thrilled with Kelli for putting me in that awkward situation. Naturally, Oonish/Elara thought it was funny!

Q: Kelli has written romances in all genres in all heat levels. Does she find the love scenes difficult to write?

A: Not at all. A Most Unusual Princess was a mild book (I believe you’d call it a heat level of 1) and A Most Intriguing Temptation is much hotter (a 2 or 3, depending on your taste) and contains a lot of graphic sexual activities taking place at the palace.

Kelli’s books have different heat levels because she matches the intensity and situations with the characters and plot. She says makes the love scenes as natural and as real for the characters as possible, given the story, the characters’ personalities, motivations, and backgrounds, and what level of intimacy they share.

She admits that sometimes she’ll be writing a scene and the characters “take over” and decide the scene should go a different way, or something she planned on happening changes. (This can happen during regular scenes or love scenes.) Characters can jump off the page and take the story in a different direction. (“Of course we can,” I told her. “This is our story!”)

Kelli confided in me although she thought knew all about her characters before writing A Most Unfortunate Prince, she was surprised to discover a different side to Prince Allan. (I have no idea what that means exactly, but Allan will be here in a few weeks to address his book, so you can ask him.)

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: Although A Most Unusual Princess, A Most Intriguing Temptation, and A Most Unfortunate Prince make up the Royal Desires series, each of our stories stand alone as individual reads. You can start with book 2 and then go back to book 1 to see how everything started, or start with book 3 and go in reverse order. However you read them, I encourage romance lovers to catch up on all of our adventures. I’m content with the way the trilogy ends—but I don’t want to give away the ending. I can say Kelli left all of us in very good places.

I’d like to add that Kelli has written several fantastic books in all genres, not just historical romances. She has contemporary, paranormal, and gay romances that bring incredibly interesting characters to life.

This visit was fun. Thank you for having me. Elara has arranged for Prince Allan to answer a few questions in another chat. Brace yourself, because he’s a wiseass.

Thank you, Prince Dalton, for joining us today. Readers can learn more about all of Kelli’s books on her site:

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Here’s the book summary:

A Most Intriguing Temptation

After only four months of marriage to Princess Elara, Prince Dalton is sent to Emperor Salizar’s pleasure palace on business. Not wanting to be left behind, Elara risks her personal safety and sneaks along on the trip.

Aided by her mischievous brother, Prince Allan, she disguises herself as one of Salizar’s sultry “kharim” women and decides to test Dalton’s loyalty. Masquerading as Oonish, Elara goes out of her way to tempt Dalton at every turn. Despite Dalton’s resolve to resist the indulgent girls, he finds himself falling under the spell of the mysterious Oonish.

After nearly giving in to temptation, Dalton discovers Elara’s trickery and turns the tables on her, making her into his submissive playmate. Their fun and games are quickly shattered when Emperor Salizar learns about Elara’s deception. He holds the royals prisoner and condemns Elara to a fate worse than death.

Can Dalton save Elara before it’s too late, or will her prank bring about the end of their love?


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