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Just in Time for Halloween… 26 True Stories of the Paranormal!

Hi everyone!

As most of my readers know, I love all things supernatural. My idea of an exciting weekend is exploring historical/haunted/creepy places. I have no qualms about investigating haunted mansions, and videos of orbs or strange shadow figures intrigue me.

It’s no secret that my husband and I have had our share of paranormal adventures. Many of my friends and relatives already know about the unusual events that occurred in Gettysburg—but now I’m sharing my story with the rest of world in the Out of Time anthology from Timber Ghost Press.

Out of Time

Are ghosts real? The question has haunted us for ages. Almost every culture in the world has tales and stories of the unknown things that lurk in our periphery.

Contained within are 26 true stories about ghosts, poltergeists, haunted houses, unexplained events, and possessed items. You'll find stories about strange noises, objects that vanish and reappear in odd places, dolls that refuse to sit still, haunted battlefields, abandoned castles, and much more! But beware: after reading this anthology, you might just start believing in the things that are trapped out of time.

The anthology features tales from Kristi Petersen-Schoonover, Errica Chavez, Judith Baron, Nat Whiston, Caryn Larrinaga, C. J. Hislop, Lisa H. Owens, Lehua Parker, Chris Tyroak, Amanda Cecilia Lang, Caillou Pettis, T. J. Tranchell, William Presley, N. A. Battaglia, Bryan Stubbles, Nathan Alling Long, Susan E. Rogers, Kelli A. Wilkins, John Stratton, C. M. Saunders, L. E. Daniels, Catherine A. MacKenzie, Rebecca A. Demarest, A. Morton, Brianna Malotke, and Nathan D. Ludwig.

I’ve read several of the stories and some of them are pretty creepy—even by my standards! If you’re looking for a great Halloween-season read (or just love true stories of the paranormal), be sure to get a copy of this book… if you dare.

Happy Haunting!


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