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Spring Layer Cake Recipe

Hi everyone!

Since it's Friday, I decided to share a Friday Food Blog. Here's a recipe that's a favorite in my family. This easy-to-make colorful cake is a perfect spring treat!

Pastel Layer Cake

Ingredients: 1 package (2 layer size) yellow cake mix 1 package (4 serving size) Jell-o Lime Flavor Gelatin 1 package (4 serving size) Jell-o Lemon Flavor Gelatin 2 tubs (8 oz. each) Cool Whip whipped topping, thawed


Prepare cake mix according to directions on the box.

Divide batter into 2 bowls. Add lime gelatin to one bowl, lemon to the other. Stir thoroughly.

Pour each into separate greased 9 inch round cake pan. (You’ll have 1 lemon and 1 lime.)

Bake 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees. (Oven times vary, so check the cake to make sure it's done.)

Cool 15 minutes and remove cakes from pans. Let cakes completely cool on a wire rack.

Place one cake (lime or lemon, your choice) on a serving plate and spread with ½ tub of whipped topping. Top with other cake layer. Frost cake with remaining whipped topping.

Store in refrigerator until ready to serve.



This simple recipe can be modified in a variety of ways. You can change the Jell-o flavors to create your own combinations: orange-pineapple, cherry-black cherry, blue raspberry-raspberry, etc. Or make a cake with one flavor (all orange or all lime).

If you want a more natural option, substitute homemade whipped cream for the Cool Whip.

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Happy Baking!


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