An Excerpt from Fiction Writing for Beginners…

Staying Motivated

Writing is like anything else you do in life. Suppose you want to learn how to swim. You won’t achieve your goal by talking about it or by making excuses for not going to swimming lessons. At some point, you have to hit the water and get wet.

Here’s a harsh truth: Writing takes a lot of self-discipline. You have to want to do it. You have to motivate yourself to start the story and stick with it through each stage of the project.

Let’s get tough here for a minute. If you’re serious about writing, you need to address your excuses and find ways to work through them. If you really, really want to write, then you need to actually do it.

By now you’ve probably figured out that a popular excuse for not writing is… lack of motivation (a.k.a. lack of self-discipline).


So how do you keep motivated?

Fiction Writing for Beginners

(Online writing course)

Fiction Writing for Beginners is designed for anyone who is interested in writing and needs practical advice on how to get started, plus motivation and encouragement to keep writing. 

Thirteen easy-to-follow classes cover the writing process from start to finish. You’ll learn where writers get ideas, how to create characters, get expert tips on writing your story, and find out how to submit it for publication. Everything you need to know to start writing is wrapped up in this comprehensive and fun course. 

Each class is self-contained and self-directed. This way, you can learn about a specific topic at your own pace, and not worry about completing the class by a certain deadline. Short writing exercises at the end of each class highlight the subject matter and get you writing. 

The classes are grouped into four sections, and each section focuses on a writing theme. Here’s the breakdown: 

Section 1: Getting Started 
Class 1: The 5 Ws of Writing 
Class 2: Getting in the Writing Zone & Staying Motivated 
Class 3: Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas? (Part 1) 
Class 4: Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas? (Part 2) 

Section 2: Creating Your Characters 
Class 5: Creating Characters 
Class 6: Developing Heroes, Villains & Secondary Characters 

Section 3: Get Writing! Class 7: Plotting Your Story 
Class 8: Scenes, Sequels & GMC 
Class 9: Point-of-view & Dialogue 
Class 10: Setting, Details & Research 

Section 4: Revising, Submitting & Promoting Your Story 
Class 11: Revising Your Story 
Class 12: Getting Feedback on Your Story 
Class 13: Submitting & Promoting Your Story 


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