Fiction Basics: Finding Ideas

(Online writing course)

Fiction Basics: Finding Ideas is perfect for anyone who needs help coming up with ideas for a novel or a short story.


One of the most common questions authors are always asked is: “Where do you get your ideas?” Well, this mini-course will show you where and how to find interesting ideas for your story, no matter what genre you write.


Short writing exercises and helpful tips highlight the material and get you writing!

An Excerpt from Fiction Basics: Finding Ideas...

Here are 2 tips from the mini-course.

TIP: Keep a folder for “someday” story ideas, characters, and settings. File notes, scraps of plots, bits of dialogue, and photos of scenic views that you’ve accumulated in one place. If you’re ever stuck on what to write next, open the folder and see what inspires you.

TIP: Never censor yourself when you’re gathering ideas or freewriting. Write what is in your head and stay engaged in the process, even if what you are writing makes no sense. You don’t have to use it in a story or share it with anyone.

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